Psychotherapy is used for issues & difficulties requiring longer term, in-depth therapy. Counselling is appropriate for issues that can be processed through focussed attention within a limited series of sessions.

I believe there are two essential components of the therapeutic experience: supportive, healing contact and self-exploration.

Within the confidentiality and safety of a therapeutic relationship we can explore those issues and memories closest to our hearts. At the outset of therapy this contact can bring strong feelings of relief and so encourage us to delve deeper.

As the therapeutic relationship deepens the key formative experiences of our lives, past & present, are explored, with particular regard to how they affect us through our feelings, beliefs and behaviours. This is at times uncomfortable, especially where we re-experience suppressed feelings from the past, or become aware of behaviours that are perpetuating our dissatisfaction and suffering.

However, being supported with compassion to explore can be a healing experience, which encourages a growing confidence to experiment, and find ways of being which will improve the quality of your life.

Where the issue that brings you to therapy is a bereavement or other significant loss, I will seek to support you in your grief, healing and understanding of these disturbing and painful experiences.

Where appropriate, I provide EMDR for the reprocessing of traumatic memories which are negatively affecting your functioning, well-being and your beliefs about yourself. For more information about EMDR please Click Here.

Often events in our family history can affect us in ways we are not fully aware of, especially if there have been tragedies not fully grieved, family members ostracized or ‘secrets’ held.

We can hold unconscious entanglements with people from past or current generations, which inhibit our confidence or sense of entitlement to fully embrace life. Examples of common family systemic entanglements are: Guilt about surviving where another or others have tragically died; shame about a family ‘secret’; a disabling sense of debt to those who have gone before.

Where appropriate, I will support you to explore this dimension, with the objective of you becoming free and empowered. In this aspect of my work, I use the knowledge & methods I developed in my training in Family Systems Therapy with the Hellinger Institute of Britain.

In our work together, I will encourage you to feel and experience the myriad facets & qualities of your being, which hold a wonderful potential for fulfilment, contentment and peace. Within Gestalt Psychotherapy there are a variety of routes for the creative exploration of who we are and our potential to live in ways we may not have previously considered. These can be exciting and deeply moving experiences.

It is my hope for each client to complete therapy with me, feeling more free and able to live in ways which are fulfilling and conducive to contentment and happiness.